Environmental Policy

Ascot Wholesale acknowledges and recognises that its operations have an impact on the global and local environment, and is committed to continuous environmental improvement wherever possible.

We will comply with all national environmental legislation, and where practicable, try to improve upon statutory requirements.

As distributors, we strive to make sure that we purchase products that have been manufactured by companies that demonstrate environmentally sound methods and policies. We also store and distribute our products in the most efficient manner.

It is the policy of Ascot Wholesale to ensure that we:

    • Make sure we carry out audits of all new suppliers to ensure that their products are produced in compliance with all enviornmental legislation;
    • Purchase goods and procure services which - as far as possible - reflect up-to-date specifications or standards for environmental sustainability;
    • Promote a culture of environmental responsibility throughout the company through training and education;
    • Recycle all office and warehouse waste wherever possible;
    • Use EDI methods for invoicing and communication where possible, reducing our paper consumption;
    • Take all reasonable steps to reduce energy consumption within the company by having a fully insulated warehouse, switching off lights, and using energy efficient light fittings where appropiate;
    • Make every effort to reduce energy consumption in our distribution methods by purchasing vehicles with the most up-to-date energy management systems.