Glassware from Ascot Wholesale is second to none due to our extensive ranges from the leading Glassware manufacturers such as Arcoroc, Artis, Libbey and Riedel the technical and purist wine drinkers Glassware specialist. Whether it's contemporary or classic styles our Glassware products are designed to satisfy the demands of all consumer needs and combined with our collection of kitchenware and accessories, Ascot Wholesale brings you the complete solution to all your tabletop & glassware needs. Ascot Wholesale is working alongside the local police authorities who are committed to encouraging licensees to substitute (where possible) standard Glassware for the safer virtually unbreakable Polycarbonate Glassware alternatives. Polycarbonate Glassware is a rigid heavy material that looks almost indistinguishable from normal Glassware and has superior insulating properties keeping drinks cooler for longer and can be used as a direct replacement for standard Glassware offering a more reliable product, eliminating breakages, allowing bar staff to carry greater quantities and spend less time clearing up conventional broken Glassware.